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Welcome To The All New
Steady Visitors Website Traffic Exchange

Steady Visitors is a website traffic exchange. The goal of our site is to assist website marketers in their quest to further enhance their websites exposure. Not only is our system free to join but we can easily place your website in front of our members 24 hours a day seven days a week! Targeted web traffic has never been easier than this!

Using an Auto or Manual Traffic Exchange system on a regular basis will allow for your sites to be seen by potential prospects that most likley would have never known about your website. All of this is done automatically and with ease!.

Follow These Easy Instructions
To Get Website Traffic NOW

  1. First... you need to signup for your own Free Membership Account!
  2. Second... click the authorization link when you receive our Welcome Email.
  3. Third... you can then login to your new Member Account.
  4. Fourth... set up your own website links, select the target audience categories.
  5. Fifth...Auto surf 75 of our members' websites to earn 2500 FREE AUTO Website Hits!
  6. Sixth...Manual surf 75 of our members' websites to earn 125 FREE MANUAL Website Hits!
  7. You can also use your earned "credits" to buy Text Ads, Banner Ads, and PTC ads!
  8. ALL Newly submitted websites are usually approved within 24 hours

Check Out Our
FREE Membership Benefits!

  • 12 Second Timer (Auto) - 12 Second Timer (Manual)
  • Up to 5 urls are allowed for Free Member Accounts
  • Earn Credits or Cash by visiting other member sites
  • Earn Credits by referring others (up to 10 levels)
  • Earn Credits or Cash from Members Paid to Click Ads
  • Win Extra Credits from Surfing Bonuses and Surfing Contests
  • Trade in Credits for Banner Ads, Text Ads, or Paid to Click Ads
  • Paid Memberships are available with more URLs, credits and more...
  • We disclose full membership and downline information to you
  • No popups, downloads, frame breakers, site rotators allowed!
  • Only one account is allowed per person and per I.P. address!!!
So, simply SIGNUP below and start earning FREE targeted website Traffic TODAY!!

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Site News
Steady Visitors Has Gone PTC!!!
We now offer a wide variety of advertising options!
Text Ads, Surf Bar Ads, Banner Ads, Full Page Paid To Click, and Auto & Manual Surfing!

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